Why is that every time bullet and sticks are answers to Oromo's question?

Now for more than 100years, whenever we raise question about our right, habesha government also answers by killing, arresting, torturing, body mutilation and etc. I for one, have seen this first hand as my father, my brothers and I were sent to jail and tortured multiple time during Derge and Wayane government. I can assure you that, all these were not because we are poletically active or we raise arms against the government but because we are Oromo and we are Oromos sympathizers. We didn't particularly hated one ethnic group verse the other one. My father was a business man and we have to deal with all sort of Ethiopian people as the nature of our works requires it. We didn't go out to harm anyone because they are not Oromos or because we didn't worship the same God us ours. For all we did trying to live peacefully with our neighbors we basically shot at over the fence or come to our front door kill us. Now we got to the boiling point and I wouldn't be one of them when we come after them with our machetes. We don't need a gun as the number is in our favor. We will take their gun and point back at them. Enough is Enough!!


Fighting Erupted in Nekemte

Source indicated that there were fight between Oromo and habesha students. Group of habesha students armed with explosive tried to attack Oromo students and met with heavy backlash. The source indicated that security forces arrested the perpetrators and some Oromo students. Will give you more update as soon as we get more details about this fluid situation.