Call for Boycott Habesha owned business!

Boycott #1

My position is a consequence of more than 100 years of debilitating occupation, the dispossession of most Oromos, Ethiopian’s continuing atrocities, and its breaches of international law and of humanitarian standards, as well as the general discriminatory nature of its system. These practices are all well documented in reports of human rights agencies, and are starkly visible in the form of facts on the ground.

Because the facts speak for themselves, but a solution is nowhere in sight, it is time for people of conscience to take a stand and influence both public opinion and government policies. It now must be so since the world’s powers have failed to take measures that hold Ethiopia, like any other state, accountable for its abuses and force it to adhere to international standards. In the absence of any such accountability, it becomes the duty of citizens to act independently to expose and resist injustice. The boycott of Habesha businesses is a pacifist form of resistance that sends a strong message of concern over the on-going destruction of Oromo educational institutions, culture, language, economy and, in particular, helps expose to the world’s public the culpability of Ethiopia government in perpetuating illegal activities in Oromia. This boycott entails a pledge not to support or participate in any Habesha business. I believe this international boycott should be sustained until Ethiopians and Ethiopian government stop all of the above mentioned abuses in Oromia and restore the right of Oromo to self determination. Meanwhile, I encourage dialogue with Oromos in Diasporas and in Oromia who demonstrate readiness to participate in realizing these objectives.

I challenge other Oromo individuals, politicians, religious leaders, human right activist and Oromo intellectuals not to remain unmoved, or by their silence become complicit, but rather to take a stand and act in solidarity with the Oromos movement against the Ethiopian government’s political and economic war in Oromia. I urge fellow Oromos worldwide to adhere to and publicize this call to boycott any business owned by Habesha in Oromia and in any part of the world, and to affirm it as an act of conscience.

Note: pass this message by all means available to you, email, phone …

/Speak out Oromo


What are we doing in Eritrea?

I do not understand the notion of OLF leaders seeking refuge in Eritrea. Haven’t they learned from 1991 mistake? Eritrea is not a country that helped undermine the Oromo struggle by siding with Wayane? How soon we forgot what happened to us? Just for the sake of self respecting and for the respect for the Oromo people should we dump this people?

I seem to have more question than answers. The reason I am doing this is not to undermine the effort of the Oromo leaders or other Oromo individuals who have contribute so much so far. I do respect all Oromo organization and individuals who have prompted Oromo issue in any way or fashion. I have a great deal of respect for what they contributed. Because of all that we are more aware of who we are today. Especially Oromos who are still living in Oromia can be a prim example for that. I myself live part of the year in Oromia and I personally witnessed what is going on. That is why sometime vigorously argue with my friends in diasporas whom they think to know more about what is going on in Oromia.

The OLF and other Oromo political organization are have misconception about this Oromo struggle for freedom. I think they except something magic to happen. That might remove Wayane from power and put them in power. 1991 free pass to power. I might be wrong. That might happen if CUD threat to Wayane is getting stronger. They might invite OLF and other Oromo organization to gain Oromo people support. Who know? I suggest you watch your steps this time around. There are a lot of booby-trap along Eritrea and Ethiopians border. I would like to say to OLF do not take Eritrea for the face value.

I would like to say this for All Oromo Organization out there before I go for today. If you want to successes in fight against Habesha make Oromo people your alien. If you think you will win this fight by just you and you few friends only, think again…

/Speak out Oromo!



I saw "BBC grills Meles to embarrassment" heading in most of Ethiopians news site and went out to watch both Meles and Hailu Shawel interviews online. Both were interesting interview and the hardtalk host did a good job pushing both sides to the limit. I was impressed by the interviewer. He did all his homework before he sat to talk to those guys.

My impression was, if we say Meles grilled at the interview, we should say Hailu Shawel was cooked in the pizza oven. How many time he got caught lying. He did not have any answer to all question has been asked. He even denied an article written by CUD. Come on, I know Meles is an evil but this guy is pathetic. He is worthless. His hand is washed by too much innocent blood during Red Terror.

It is amazing how blindly Habeshas rally behind this guy. This guy can not even talk. He does not have a plan (a real plan to move the country forward). This is a guy who comes out on the TV and opposes a debt relief to his own country. This guy real plan is to move back the country to blood shad and bring back a naftegna rule.

Here is what my advice is to CUD. If you are going to be on TV please bring someone that at list knows what is talking. That way at list you can disguise your ulterior motive. As you guys said do not bring on TV someone line Hailu who is “gemed aff” lol

/Speak out Oromo


Since when we are so liked by Habesha?

I do not know if you guys noticed but this days most of the articles or comment posted in the most of Ethiopians website seems to be authored by Oromos. The articles are in general support CUD and other habesha point of view. We Oromos clearly know that the use of Oromo penname is designed to make it sound like Oromos are in support of CUD and current Habesha movement.

Why they think this evil organization is supported by Oromos? What is in it for Oromos that we will rally behind it? Oromos will not stand to lose more than they have already lost. They should know that we Oromos are not sitting back and watch when “Qubee” and state of Oromia taken away from us. Which is the one and the main goal of CUD want to achive. We are not going to be divided by superficial means anymore. That did not do any good for Oromos in the last 100years. It’s weekend us and made us sundered to savage Abyssinians.

By posting articles on there website in Oromo names or putting Oromo individuals like Dr. Marara in the front sit will not fool us anymore. We have been fooled so many times and we have learned from our mistakes. Publishing your lie and negative propagandas using individual Oromo name would not change our position. We are not going to give you a rope and tree to hang us. We did that before and you never restrain yourself from killing us. Remember Arsii. When you guys mutilate and butchered us. It was not too long to forget. The scar is still show in our face and back.

Now we are not asking you to leave or we are not going to kill you as you Abyssinians did in the past. We ask you not to take away what we have so far. We are not yet have everything we need. We are not yet to the top of the mountain but we are marching toward that. I will advise you not to be in our way. We are not going to let you walk on our face as we did before …

/Speak Out Oromo


Hailu Shawel is a MORON

I think Hailu Shawel is got it write this time. He said people of Ethiopia have two faces. That exactly what I am trying to tell peoples for a long time. You can see multiple personality of this guy in this interview. This guy is monsters in a baby cloth. If this guy is unleashed he will murder people. He will turn this Empire into to a blood shade. Forget about Rwanda, it will not even close for comparison. This is a guy who wants to get to power by any means possible. Even the Amaharas called this kind of guy "Ke fesu yet tala".

His economic plans are laughable. He talks about connection he has with the people out side Ethiopia. Whom he will bring for investment. I think he mean those Amaharas whom are full of hatreds other ethnics leaving in Ethiopia. I think he need them to kill all Oromos and other ethnic group whom are not going to agree with his on redesigning the Ethiopian Map. Ofcourse, except Dr. Merara.

I am just encourage my visitors to go to this link and listen to what this guy says. It just give me a headache to listen too but that is typical of them.

Okay, let's take everything of the table and just ask one question. How could you say no to debt relief and donors money while your people are still dying of hunger, AIDS, etc ...?