Call to Intervene in the killing ...

Call to Intervene in the killing, disappearance and detention of the Oromo people in the Empire State of Ethiopia.

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Amharanizing Ethiopia is not a solution

CUD and its supporters think lasting solution for problems in Ethiopia will be solved by Amharanizing everything. Their slogan is one language, one religion and one ethiopia, which translate to Amaharic, Orthodox and an Ethiopia the ruled by Amhara respectively. This is the same theory that they have been preaching for the last hundred years.

Let me tell you friends, either tigere or amahars are not Oromos friends or they will never be. They are in Oromia to suck our blood. Anyone think otherwise, think again.
Neither Wayane nor CUD have a solution to Oromo problem. We will need to fight both enemies equally...

CUD need to understand Amharanizing Ethiopia will not a solution rather will lead the country to unrest and civil war...