Who are you to criticize Ali Birra’s recent move to Oromia?

In most Oromo discussion board I read people bad mouth Ali for moving back home or for his interview with addis tribune. Some of the criticism are baseless and far from the truth. No one know what Ali’s real motivation to move back home. For him this might be strategic move. Ali is a timeless inspiration to Oromo people. He touched and thought most us by the way of his songs. He has been forefront of oromo movement. When most of us were hiding behind our bed room door his was out there on the stage. That braveness is still in him today. How many of you out there dare to move back home or even dare to visit.

We are losing valuable time talking about by not acting. We just stand on the side line as cheer leader. The only difference is we are not wearing skimpy outfit and no pump pump in our hand. If you really want to fight wayanee or habesha ruling you will need to be in the heart of Oromia. You can not do it remotely. In history no one won his liberation by fighting from remote. If we spend in a coffee shop talking and criticizing about individual moves it will not get us any where. Especially, criticizing individuals who have been given so much to us, through out their lives. Just question yourself what have I done? What is my contribution? How do I make change? … before opening your mouth or before start typing. You are just giving a boost to enemy when you start hammering one of your own. We just can jump on someone like Ali. He has the right wherever he wants to live. As far as the interview concerned remember he did not go back to free Oromia. Nothing has been changed. Even thing got worse for those people live there. He is not going to come out and say “I am here to fight you guys”. Most of us do not even say that while we are still living thousands of miles away from homeland. We just try to be buddy buddy with habesha.

Let me give you a real challenge.
1) Go talk to your Oromo like you about what is currently going on in Oromia. Talk about students been killed for just speaking out and standing for their right.
2) Do not just talk and go home. Then decided what to do next. Bring it up in your political, religious and social meeting. Ask your leaders how the can help.
3) Call your representative in the country you live. Voice your opposition to the killing of innocent people.
4) Go out and organize demonstration. It does not matter who listen or how many people show up.
5) Feel free to add your own suggestion to comment line below this article.

P.S. The above challenges are an example of exercising basic human right. If you can able to do one of the above, you just do not deserve to have freedom and please do not talk about librating or independent Oromia. You just don’t worth IT! And one more thing, LEAVE ALI BIRRA ALONE!

Speak Out Oromo!


The biggest threat!

The biggest threat to Oromo liberation comes from within.

It's not Wayane government evil operation or Naftegna's movement to take a turn.

It's not even Oromo political or Religious organizations.

The most immediate, persistent, avoidable threat to your liberation is YOU!

You are the only one who can keep yourself from participating in Oromo movement. From stopping your voice heard when your fellow Oromo being savagely killed, tortured and arrested. You are watching when your fellow Oromo being forcefully chased out from his home in the name of big investment. You are silently watched when your sister and mother being rapped. You watch silently when your father being humiliated and disrespected. You were silent because you have not been told by your political and religious leader to act. You thought it did not affected you because it did not happen in your region or they did not follow the same religion as yours. THINK AGAIN!

You are living in freedom and failed to speak for your people who do not have freedom as you do. Do you see now you are the biggest threat to Oromos freedom.

Make a difference. Contact your fellow Oromos in your area to find out how.

Speak out Oromo!