Taking a position on Somalia issue is not in the best interest of Oromo!

I am the only one lost in the direction OLF is going or are you my fellow Oromos have the same issue. Is OLF hoping from issue to another with no clear understanding in what they are doing? I am sure many of you say, “OLF never had clear objective and direction”. I agree to that statement in part. Currently what OLF is doing is so confusing and it very hard to tell where it is heading to.

Take a look at the statement made by Lencho Bati (Spokesman for the Oromo Liberation Front) below.

Somalia could become Ethiopia's "graveyard" if it intervenes against a burgeoning Islamist movement, an Ethiopian rebel group warned on Tuesday.

"Unless Ethiopia pulls out of Somalia, the Somali people will be an angry, hungry lion, and the last thing they want is to be poked and provoked by Ethiopia," Lencho Bati, spokesman for the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), told Reuters.”

How is this statement representing Oromo people interest? How is that related to OLF and its movement? None at all! This statement is taken entirely out of the mouth of Islamic court movement in Somalia. Mr. Bati supposes to speak in behalf of OROMO people not in behalf of Somalia opposition. I don’t think Somalia people need Lencho’s help to resolve their internal matters. I think OLF need to represent Oromo’s interest and medaling in neighboring country affairs will do just the opposite. By the way, did just OLF form coloration with other opposition group representing Ethiopian interest? How will that play out then?

I think this a time for OLF to start thinking twice before they OPEN their BIG mouth. The part also should consider about changing their “mouth piece”. It is necessary to put in place more diplomatic person in place. Because you are the mouth piece you should not open your mouth if it does not represent your people interest.

Speak out Oromo!


Why dip your F.. nose in someone else business?

This is typical of Ethiopian government. They just run after their neighbor business when they could not come up with the solution for themselves. What is the point of Ethiopia going to war with Somali? What is in it for Ethiopia? Are they trying to be a super power of East Africa? Somalis are screwed up people and there is no solution to their problem. They are not any better than their own mules. I just feel sorry for Oromo kids that will be sent out there to die for no Sh…

Take this Somalis, they have one religion, one language and they pretty much one clan. But they still managed to figure out how to screw each other a…

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