One thing I noticed feedback to the issue posted in this blog are always taken as negative. Some of the neftegnas visited this website think I or other Oromos leaving comments about issues are filled with hate to other ethnic group in Ethiopia. To me they are missing the point or just do not want to accept the fact.

I know truth is always hard to swallow it. It is like “koso” medicine. It will get ride of the unwanted parasite from your body eventually but because of its bitter test most people do not want to take it. Neftegnas are like a “koso”. They all are there to suck up Oromos blood. The solution is for Oromos to start taking that bitter “koso” medicine and get ride of this blood sucking neftegnas. They are just a parasite stuck to our land to survive. For them Oromia is a life and death issue.

Neftegnas are engaged in distorting the truth about Oromo and Oromia. We Oromos need to go after this and tell the truth to OUR people and the world. We need to educate ourselves and the rust of the world about the truth. The time to site back and watch the show is now over. We should be in charge of our own affairs.

I would like to tell my fellow neftegnas, we do not hate you. We are not in the business of promoting hate. We just like to tell the truth. Truth might hart but in the current Ethiopia configuration Oromos are the biggest loser. We want that to be fixed. That process maybe offends you along the way …., tough luck. I and my people we will keep move one step at time forward until we get to the top of the mountain.

/Speak Out Oromo!