Who is Oromo's Enemy?

I have spent quite sometime just visiting most of Oromo website and discussion forums. It is sad to learn that 99% of the time Oromos are spending time just fighting and insulting each other. Oromos are so polarized by region, religion and ideology. Oromos from specific region think they are the only genuine Oromos. Others, are either nefxeenyaas or diqaallaa. Islam Oromos think they are the only genuine Oromos and Christian also thinks they are the only genuine ones. This is also true for Waaqqeefataa also.
Also this indicate that there is a mistrust among Oromos. Which in general benefit the Habeshas. This is a system that put in place by Nefxeenyaas in the last 100 years and that well server them a great deal of purpose. For Nefxeenyaa it was the only effective system that enable them to rule Oromia. That is why some of the Nefxeenyaa's party want to abolish Ethiopia that divided by states.
Today is very sad to see Oromos failed to see this system is still highly affecting our movement toward freedom. The system is still working as designed by Nefxeenyaas 100 years ago. We bring our religion and region before Oromuummaa. Oromos preferred to identify themselves by the region where they came from or by the religious organization they are following. In contrary our masters identify themselves as an "Ethiopian" first and then go their religion and region second. This is one of the problem slaver bring us to Oromo people and one of the problem that so called educated Oromos even failed to explain to their own people. Rather they exploit this situation to promote their position and their status in the society.
Oromos need to encourage and promote collective thinking. Exploiting division among us does not benefit Oromos as whole. It will give more ammunition to our enemy to attack us. We can only librated if we work together by recognizing and accepting the difference among us, not attack each other. Let's not give more tool and ammunition to our enemies help enslave us and kill us. Remember people who promote the division of religion and region among Oromos are not necessarily Oromos. We will need to be careful whom we are listening too.
We Oromos should evaluate and analyze issues raised among us and determine if this will help us move forward or not. If not we should a gut to step on it over jump over it and move forward. We should not let drug us backward. Let's not give our enemies easy way out. Let's not turn use the same tool Nefxeenyaas used to turn Oromos against each other.

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