It's been a while

I would like to apologize to my readers that I have been inactive for a while. I traveled to Europe and Australia, visiting friends and relatives. It been an eye opening experience. In the process I learned more about my people. I thought Oromo struggle was only silent and slow in US, but it looks even worse in other places. Oromos are even more divided among you name it. Oromos preferred to be identified by their village and tribes than as one nation. All this very well explains why we are not so effective in what we are doing so far.

We Oromos need to learn how to leave with each other first. Until we do that, trust me we are not getting any where. Let me tell you the bad news, the only way we can achieve liberty is by standing together and fighting our enemies. There is no magic bullet that solves our issue. The people who divided us for whatever reason are the people who helped our oppressors stay in power. This has been the case since Oromia failed in the hands of Abyssinian and it is true and embolden today.

Speak out Oromo!