So what have you done 2005 as an Oromo Individual?

The New Year is coming shortly and this is a time to look back and reflect what we have accomplished through out the year and plan for the year 2006. I am not interested to know your personal success. What I would like to know is how your personal success is translated in helping your community or in helping other Oromos. What did you do to advance Oromos cause? Did you just talk about it or did you do something about it? I know a lot of us spent hours in a coffee shop talk current events and politics. Did you speak in behalf of your fellow Oromos or spent time speaking against your fellow Oromos? Are you still tangled with politics of Oromo politically parties or religious organization? Did you be able to look further? Where are you relative to a year, five years or ten years ago? Do you find yourself advancing or you see your self in the same place. Are you talking the same thing as you were talking fifteen years ago? If you are my brother and sisters it is time to look forward. We can not recover the time that been wasted by we can seize our future.

Let me give you some advice. List everything you have done in the last year. Decided which one you will need to less or which one you will do more. If you think you have not contribute more for Oromo issue promise yourself you will do more next year and just do it! Your people need you. Determine what you can do as individual and do it. Not just wait for some organization to lead you. It is good if we have an organization truly concerned and lead Oromos to the future. For know I do not think we have one. Probably we are not strong enough as individual and that resulted in week organizatins. We can turn this around if we move ourselves. Let’s not wait for someone to move or stir us around.

There are many people that will tell us how we can not achieve our individual or collective goal but there are a few out there be able to figure out way to achieve the impossible. So, which side are you? Ask yourself this question and make a decision which side you want to be for the New Year.

Happy and progressive New Year to all!

Speak Out Oromo.