Surprise Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been talking to my fellow Oromos during the election and after the election what the next move for Tigre. I have been saying all along Meles will change his position about Oromo opposition group. That became reality last week. Meles now know that aligning himself with Amahars did not help for his ambition to stay on power for as long as he can. He had been attacking Oromos and any Oromo movement by forging solidarities with Amahar group and individual. That ended up back fired to him. He did not except neftegnas will gain this much popularities and strong showing in the last election. They almost tip off his regime.

The only one reason Meles stayed in power is because of the OPDO. Meles know that and he also know that OPDO is not a legitimate representative of Oromo people. So, for him the smart move is to extend his arm to hug another Oromo organization that has a perception among Oromo people as a legitimate organization. What would be the better choice than OLF? Has name recognition and have be in government during transition with Wayane. And more so, Meles know a whole lot about OLF than any other Oromo organizations. He knows their strength and weakness. He knows how to manipulate this organization, as he has done it before.

The bottom line is OLF should be careful this time and let’s not repeat the same mistake done in 1991. Let’s not take Wayane’s offer for face value. The only reason why Wayane extend this offer at this time is to strength his regime and defeat Amahar’s movement. Not because they care about Oromo people. We should remember that both Tigres and Amahars are neftegnas and they are in Oromia to suck up Oromos blood. And Wayane want bigger straw. OPDO is not big enough to suck up Oromos blood. Now they want to add OLF too.

As far as Oromo concerned Tigre and Amahars are the two faces of the same coin. We should stand up and fight both evil. There is no need to alien ourselves with any of them….

/Speak Out Oromo