Happy New Year!

I wish all the best in the coming 2008. I hope you will be more productive and more concern about your people whom you have left behind. Let's take this new year to make a difference. Remember in thousand mile journey start with one step. Take that first steps toward any goal you have set out to accomplish in your life.

Good Luck!

Peace out to you!

Speak out Oromo!


What is wrong with Oromos?

Starting from me, we are such a hypocritical in peoples. Wherever we go we talk about supporting each other and each others business but when it comes to practice we are not there. Starting from back home we prefer to go to the “Gurage, Tigire or Ahmara” owned business. We list all the excuse why we did not go shop from your fellow Oromo’s. That the main reason why the group of people I have listed above are so successful. If not they would have left us alone. Someone can argue that the Oromos living in Oromia are not well educated to know such a smart decision but how about the one live in US, Canada and other developed countries? My answer to this question is “Gulicha bikyayer wait ayatafitim”. Which mean moving Oromo from one geographical region to another does not make any difference. We are still dumb ass people who would like to kiss other people ass whom we think they are our masters.

If you think I am wrong ask yourself the following question:
1) When was the last time you stopped by at Oromo owned business and bought a cup of coffee?
2) Have you used any oromo owned services like, legal, Insurance, bank, tec?

If you answer yes to one of the above question, you are truly call you an OROMO but the rest you will response to this article with all your dumb ass excuse and you are not SO WELCOME 